Happy Spring!


We’re almost halfway through April, and we got an ice storm with snow! I am so ready for spring! :/


First Day, First Post

Well, Happy 2013! Its been a long 2012, and I have made a ton of changes. First I moved back to Michigan. I need to spend time with my family, and to be there for the very serious decisions that I need to be in Michigan to be a part of. As for my New Year’s Resolutions, first, I need to get a job. Second, I need a new car, shooting for a 2007 or newer Chevy Suburban 2500. 🙂 Third, I need to get my finances healthy. I have a crapton of debt, as well as student loans. 2013 will be the year that I get healthy physically, spiritually, and economically. It’s also the year I want to write my first book. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Days Off

If there’s one thing that I have learned about myself over the years, its that I am no good at sitting still. I always have to be doing something, or I just don’t feel right. Like today, I have the day off, and I cannot just simply relax. I feel the need to blog, clean my room, clean the car, (which is much needed since putting the Christmas tree in the back seat) and finish the back yard. Relaxation has never been easy for me, but I’m gonna try.

Shifting into Fall

Well, it’s that time of year, time to break out the hoodies and start brewing the hot chocolate. (Or, if you’re a Yankee like me, hot apple cider.) In about five days, the weather will drop by about ten degrees and I am very excited. I will be visiting the fair that is in town this week as well, and I cannot wait! Look for pics soon J

Labor Day

So, today is Labor Day, and in proper form, I will be working all day. Even though we are in the throws of a Presidential election season, and people are divided, I am proud to live in a country where I have opportunity to grow and succede in my career.
Happy Labor Day!

Memorial Day

Every year in the United States, we celebrate a day called Memorial Day. Labeled as the “unofficial start to summer,” many people spend the day grilling out with friends and family. Yea, friends and family are awesome, but we need to make sure to remember that the day is all about remembering our veterans and their sacrifice for our freedoms. So a special thank you to my grandfather, Nelson, for fighting in the Korean War.

I know I’ll never forget.