Music Monday

I know, it’s been a while since I last posted a Music Monday, but this week I’m beck at it! This week’s song is Unity by Shinedown. It’s a great song, and one that is sure to become the first radio hit off their new album.

Check the link below to see the YouTube video

Unity by Shinedown



Music Monday

Its Monday, and its time for the weekly Music Monday post. I know I am a day late, but with work, church, and starting a small business on the side, along with the Foundations movie series, I’m only slightly busy. Anyways, I really didn’t find a song that stood out to me this week. So, I( am going back and reviewing a song that I still find myself listening to over and over again. Midnight City by M83 is a great song. Lots of 80’s style funk, as well as vocals. The last 30 seconds or so is also just as incredible. it goes to full in Saxophone lead, and coupled with the official music video, makes perfect since and an amazing song.

Check it out here.

//Live Amplified/lifeSpace

Music Mondays: Crazy by Seal

So I was listening to Journey 100, a 80’s and 90’s station here in Pensacola, and they played this song. I know, the song Crazy came out in 1991. I was barely a year old. But, this song does hold value for me today. The premise of the song, is that in life, there are times where you have to do some unconventional things to survive.

“ But were never gonna survive unless, We get a little bit crazy.”

Moving to Florida was undoubtedly one of the most crazy things that I have ever done. I still have people who do not agree with my decision to move down here..and that’s fine. But sometimes in order to survive you got to do some unconventional things. And that’s what I did.

Crazy, Seal 1991 Official Music Video