Thoughts On Series: Christianity

Currently there is a conference convening in Atlanta, Georgia that consists of roughly 60,000 college-age students from all over the United States. The stated goal of the conference is to end slavery, in all of its forms, all over the globe.

Truth be told, this is a good goal. Motivating the most dynamic age group in our country and mobilizing them as a force for good is a brilliant feat. But what is more amazing is the redefinition of Christianity that is currently going on. Attending this conference form all over the United States, are young men and women from many different denominations united for the cause of Christ. There is no talk of Methodism, Catholicism, or Baptist Doctrine. Its simply 60,000 students, give or take, united in Jesus name. This redefinition is significant because it is this generation that will become the future leaders of our churches, our nation, and our world. If they are actively reevaluating what they believe, why they believe it, and how to properly execute their belief system through their actions and decisions in society, it will drastically change the image of the church in America. It will change how we view outreach, community involvement, as well as how we treat visitors who visit our churches.

Denominational devisions in our churches function just like partisanship in Washington. It doesn’t. It doesn’t allow for cooperation, and it prevents collaboration between churches who independently work to impact a community. Coming from the viewpoint of living in the only state in America where three of the top five citys for crime are incorporated, there is a obvious practical application in daily life. The snag is, trying to reach out to others, invite others in, and be the light that I believe the Bible, as well as Jesus Christ himself talk about, without alienating the older members of the congregation. How do we, as the self-described Jesus Generation, redefine our faith in our churches without excluding the older members? Comments are welcome, because I have not yet found a satisfiable answer.

I know that no matter what happens, there are people my age and younger who hunger for a faith that is real. Not a rule book, not a dogma, but a relationship and a faith that they can hang their lives on. Something that is genuine, not a religion. And something that they can take root and grow deep in. Its an exciting time. I won’t always post things of this variety and length, this is simply a subject that I have been pondering for some time.


First Day, First Post

Well, Happy 2013! Its been a long 2012, and I have made a ton of changes. First I moved back to Michigan. I need to spend time with my family, and to be there for the very serious decisions that I need to be in Michigan to be a part of. As for my New Year’s Resolutions, first, I need to get a job. Second, I need a new car, shooting for a 2007 or newer Chevy Suburban 2500. 🙂 Third, I need to get my finances healthy. I have a crapton of debt, as well as student loans. 2013 will be the year that I get healthy physically, spiritually, and economically. It’s also the year I want to write my first book. Can’t wait to see what happens!

Days Off

If there’s one thing that I have learned about myself over the years, its that I am no good at sitting still. I always have to be doing something, or I just don’t feel right. Like today, I have the day off, and I cannot just simply relax. I feel the need to blog, clean my room, clean the car, (which is much needed since putting the Christmas tree in the back seat) and finish the back yard. Relaxation has never been easy for me, but I’m gonna try.

Music Monday

I know, it’s been a while since I last posted a Music Monday, but this week I’m beck at it! This week’s song is Unity by Shinedown. It’s a great song, and one that is sure to become the first radio hit off their new album.

Check the link below to see the YouTube video

Unity by Shinedown


Music Monday

Its Monday, and its time for the weekly Music Monday post. I know I am a day late, but with work, church, and starting a small business on the side, along with the Foundations movie series, I’m only slightly busy. Anyways, I really didn’t find a song that stood out to me this week. So, I( am going back and reviewing a song that I still find myself listening to over and over again. Midnight City by M83 is a great song. Lots of 80’s style funk, as well as vocals. The last 30 seconds or so is also just as incredible. it goes to full in Saxophone lead, and coupled with the official music video, makes perfect since and an amazing song.

Check it out here.

//Live Amplified/lifeSpace


I blog. I know, this seems like an obvious fact. But truth is, I’ve been ding this since 2008. Back then, as I do now, I used WordPress. I’ve tried lots of other platforms, both paid and free, and I like WordPress best. I use Windows Live Writer on Windows XP Professional SP3 for actually writing posts. Creating dynamic content…not my specialty. I have many friends who post about gossip, theology, and many other subjects.

But I blog about me, what I like, and how I feel.

I hope it gives this site a more personal feel. Because in the end, I’m just a country kid with a few dreams.



Saturday. This is the first actual day off that I’ve had in a very long time. I usually have things to do, but today is my day of rest. I’ve had an incredible week, and I am so ready for a break. I finally finished the first book of the Hunger Games trilogy, which i can only describe as epic. I can definitely relate to the main character, Katnis, in how she thinks and views the world. I some times look at things in a too-literal way, and sometimes for get the human aspect of life. I have much work to do before Wednesday, and since I have to work until 4p that day, its going to make all of my church-related things a bit more difficult. I just need to plan ahead a bit more.

Fighting a cold, and winning.

Ready for what’s next.