What to do when your leader does something wrong

To say that this is my first post in a while would be an understatement. I created this space over six years ago, but it’s been well over three since I’ve don’t anything with it. So an introduction is definitely in order.

Hi, I’m David. Welcome to my space ūüôā

I’m 26, live in Florida, and have 2 rescue dogs.

I’m a Christ follower, ginger, and youth pastor aspirer.

Now onto what I want to say:

I’ve had several people that I report to, that I am responsible to, that I am in the charge of. And unfortunately, sometimes those people that are over me fail. They make mistakes. They need to be forgiven. Now I know that you’re reading this and thinking “Well dang, you have NO IDEA what happened or what happened to me.” And I would have to agree, I don’t know where you are at or your situation. I don’t know what you went through, or what the circumstances are. But what I do know is this: if you live life for any length of time, you are going to have people over you, or that you look up to, fall. And it’s hard, but there are three things that I have learned.

  1. Pray.

As a Christ follower, my first response should be to pray. Pray for healing, pray for those involved, pray for those who it effects and will be affected.

  1. Plan.

Think before you speak, and know before you go. If you are in a position of leadership and have to deal with the situation, prepare what you are going to say and how you will respond. Exploding and flying off the handle are rarely, if ever, warranted. But in all seriousness, this is something that I struggle with: thinking before speaking. Sometimes in close quarters you can simply converse with someone in a gut-level way. But when a leader has fallen, and you’re called to help, you need to be ready.

  1. Plop.

Once it has been dealt with, drop it. Yes, there are consequences for one’s actions. Yes, there is trust that has to be rebuilt. But rehashing and bringing the offence up at every possible turn isn’t going to help them, and it certainly will not help you. When we try to punish someone over and over again in our minds, it does nothing to them but everything to us.

This isn’t a perfect list, and it won’t work for everyone, but it’s something that’s helped me. And I hope it helps you.

Grace and peace,



Thoughts On Series: Christianity

Currently there is a conference convening in Atlanta, Georgia that consists of roughly 60,000 college-age students from all over the United States. The stated goal of the conference is to end slavery, in all of its forms, all over the globe.

Truth be told, this is a good goal. Motivating the most dynamic age group in our country and mobilizing them as a force for good is a brilliant feat. But what is more amazing is the redefinition of Christianity that is currently going on. Attending this conference form all over the United States, are young men and women from many different denominations united for the cause of Christ. There is no talk of Methodism, Catholicism, or Baptist Doctrine. Its simply 60,000 students, give or take, united in Jesus name. This redefinition is significant because it is this generation that will become the future leaders of our churches, our nation, and our world. If they are actively reevaluating what they believe, why they believe it, and how to properly execute their belief system through their actions and decisions in society, it will drastically change the image of the church in America. It will change how we view outreach, community involvement, as well as how we treat visitors who visit our churches.

Denominational devisions in our churches function just like partisanship in Washington. It doesn’t. It doesn’t allow for cooperation, and it prevents collaboration between churches who¬†independently¬†work to impact a community. Coming from the viewpoint of living in the only state in America where three of the top five citys for crime are incorporated, there is a obvious practical application in daily life. The snag is, trying to reach out to others, invite others in, and be the light that I believe the Bible, as well as Jesus Christ himself talk about, without alienating the older members of the congregation. How do we, as the self-described Jesus Generation, redefine our faith in our churches without excluding the older members? Comments are welcome, because I have not yet found a satisfiable answer.

I know that no matter what happens, there are people my age and younger who hunger for a faith that is real. Not a rule book, not a dogma, but a relationship and a faith that they can hang their lives on. Something that is genuine, not a religion. And something that they can take root and grow deep in. Its an exciting time. I won’t always post things of this¬†variety¬†and¬†length, this is simply a subject that I have been pondering for some time.

Clean your room!

In my mind I can still hear my Mom saying that to me. My room used to be messy as all get out. Living on a farm in Michigan, we had dirty clothes, messy beds, and the occasional dog too! It’s amazing how having a messy room can affect your sleep. I didn’t learn this until I was much older, but I sleep so much better with a clean room.

So today, being Friday the 13th, I need all of my attention devoted to my tasks at hand. And having a clean, organized room will help me set the stage to have a clean, organized day too.